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Freelance Position: Developer

Jobbeginn am:
Ablaufdatum: 18.04.2021
Gehalt: N/A
Beschäftigungsart: Sonstige
Name der Organisation: Schoenegge.io
Webseite der Organisation: schoenegge.io
Straße und Hausnummer: Heinrichstraße
Hausnr: 13
Ort: Berlin
Bundesland: Germany
PLZ: 10317
Gewünschte Skills:
Anzahl freier Stellen: 1
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Online seit: 18.02.21

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We are Schoenegge.io, a small team of young professionals working independently from all over Berlin – and sometimes the globe – to make digital marketing dreams come true.
We‘re looking for freelancers with creativity, flexibility and who are ready to learn and grow with an exclusive online marketing agency.

We‘re looking for support from a developer.

Start: immediately
Hours: ideally 20+ hours per month (with an opportunity for growth)
Where: any- and everywhere

Here‘s what you should be able to do:

General skills:
• git [https://git-scm.com/doc]
- e.g. experience with Github, GitLab and similar/basic knowledge; an advantage (merging/updating/cloning a repository, pull requests)
• OSI model, HTTP
- basic knowledge about how the web works, client-server communication
• use of Developer-tools of main browsers (Chrome, Firefox)
- e.g. inspect elements, debug style rules, network traffic & the js-console, etc.
• experience with NodeJS [https://nodejs.org/en/] + npm [https://www.npmjs.com/] & Docker [https://www.docker.com/]; an advantage, not a requirement
- plays a small role in some frontend and backend projects, but basic knowledge is sufficient as it‘s more required for deployments & local development workspace setup

Frontend-related skills:
- knowing the latest web-standards; an advantage.
- e.g. use of features such as flexbox and css-grids.
- use of the framework tailwind [https://tailwindcss.com/]; an advantage, not a requirement
• (Vanilla) JavaScript
- currently we are not using frameworks like jQuery, React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.
- experience in adding event-listeners, doing programmatic http-requests and working with JSONs; an advantage, not a requirement
• having used template engines like Handlebars or Smarty; an advantage

Backend-related skills:
• PHP [https://www.php.net/manual/de/intro-whatis.php]
-Shopware & Opencart; an advantage, not a requirement
• MySQL/MariaDB [https://mariadb.org/]
- basic knowledge required
• experience with linux server administration, LAMP-stack and unix-shells; an advantage, not a requirement
• Go/Golang [https://golang.org/]; an advantage, not a requirement

What we‘re offering:

• A challenging and versatile freelance position within a constantly growing industry
• An opportunity to learn about the world of digital marketing and gain experience within an agency
• A highly motivated, communicative and dynamic team
• The freedom to work remotely; choose where and when you get the job done
• Flexibility and room for growth

Interested? We would love to get to know you. Send your CV our way along with possible references.
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